7 Most Often Forgotten Items in Hotel Rooms

You checked, and double checked.  Or maybe you didn’t check because you woke up late.  No matter, things get left behind in hotels.  It happens – part of the travel lifecycle.

Some hotels are better than others when it comes to helping reconnect you with your lost goods.  But what do people leave behind?  You’d be surprised.  People leave millions of items behind each year.  Seriously – here are 7 of the most often forgotten items left in hotel rooms!

A sad shirt...

1) Chargers

I can understand this one because I’ve done it myself – and kicked myself every time, because it’s an easily preventable problem.  The issue is your charger is probably plugged into some obscure outlet hidden behind a nightstand or what not. Newer hotels are putting plugs on desks and nightstands, which helps, but remember to check the outlets before you go!

2) Toiletries

This one is easy to do because things can be left in the shower.  The problem here is that hotels almost always immediately throw away toiletries – so if you have some expensive night cream or makeup, don’t leave it behind as you won’t be getting it back!

3) Eyeglasses

I don’t know how eyeglasses makes the list because you gotta see to get home, but it does happen.  If you’re someone who just uses your glasses for reading, I’d suggest that you always make sure to put these away before going to bed – I can see these easily being dropped next to a nightstand or what not, so careful!

4) Stuffed Animals

For those of you traveling with kids, save yourself the heartache and a flight of screaming child but double-checking for teddy and any of his stuffed, furry friends.  These are items that can easily end up tucked under a pillow or in a pile of sheets and once they’re gone you’ll have a hard time getting them back – or pay the price with shipping.  Kids can be sleepy on early departures or otherwise caught up in the excitement / disorientation with traveling, so double-check their gear.

5) Gadgets

Depending on the size of the gadget, you can see how easily this can happen – battery packs fall behind dressers, wireless mice and cool light pens fall into a drawer and never get collected.  So avoid the oops and travel with something in your back that helps you keep small gadgets organized.

6) Jewelry

Ladies, this one is for you – jewelry is another small item that is easy to misplace, unfortunately.  Make sure you have those earrings on and any nice bracelets or other item is securely tucked away.  I worry that many pieces of jewelry never find their way back to their owner because it’s just too tempting for them to end up in a local pawn shop.  So, better safe than sorry – especially if you left something behind in the hotel safe!

7) Adult Toys

Frankly I am embarrassed that this made the top list.  But it does, and I’m not sure if people are buying themselves a little something special on the trip and then leaving it behind or what.  Anyway, this makes the top list, and if you leave a little present behind for the hotel staff to deal with – shame on you! :)

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Having traveled over several million miles (and still plenty of years to live), Andy knows a thing or two about a good hotel.